We are now accepting volunteer firefighter applications!

The volunteer program provides hands-on experience for individuals interested in serving their community via the fire service. Graham Fire & Rescue typically holds one recruit academy each year for both combat (firefighting) and support positions.


Please make sure you meet the volunteer program minimum requirements listed on this page.

To apply, please download this volunteer application packet and submit by following the directions on the  Checklist Page in the download. Click here to download!


Volunteering Program Minimum Requirements

Volunteer candidates must be 18 years of age or older and be a high school graduate or equivalent. You must have a valid Washington driver’s license and pass a criminal/driving background, reference check, pre-academy medical exam and physical ability test. Volunteers must live within the Graham Fire & Rescue jurisdiction, with exception to the resident internship program.


Combat Positions (Firefighting)

The volunteer firefighter must be able to follow standard policies, procedures, guidelines, and safety rules. He/she must participate in required training drills to attain and maintain necessary skills in fire suppression, life safety, rescue and property conservation operations. This individuals will maintain, check, and test apparatus, equipment, and facilities as assigned.

Participate in community activities, public education, fire watches, station tours, and other events that require positive public interaction. Write and submit required reports by computer for emergency and non-emergency activities. Respond to alarms and perform firefighter duties including, but not limited to, the use of hoses, pumps, equipment, emergency apparatus, and tools.

Graham Fire & Rescue currently offers two programs to those individuals interested in combat firefighting: a resident internship and a respond-from-home program.


Graham Fire & Rescue Chaplain Program

The mission of the Chaplain Program is to provide support to our firefighters, their families and to the community. Graham Fire & Rescue currently has four dedicated community volunteer Chaplains who provide the following services to our community and fellow members:

  • Provide aftermath assistance, freeing up operation personnel for other emergency duties;
  • Provide comfort, counsel and education to those experiencing loss;
  • Assist in contacting family members;
  • Assist in notification of clergy;
  • Assist with “Red Cross” notification and arrangements.


Graham Fire & Rescue Support Services

The Support Services Program assists with rehabilitating firefighters operating at emergency incidents and training exercises. Graham Fire & Rescue has dedicated community volunteer personnel that provide the following incident rehabilitation support:

  • Provide an area of rest and rehabilitation;
  • Provide relief from extreme climatic conditions
  • Provide fluid and food replenishment
  • Assist in crew rotation and medical monitoring


The Path to Becoming a Graham Fire & Rescue Volunteer

Interested individuals that submit complete packets by the June 14, 2019 deadline and that meet the minimum qualifications listed on this page will take part in the selection process.

  • Application
  • Orientation Session
  • Written Examination
  • Oral Interview
  • Criminal/Driving Background Check
  • Physical Ability Test
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Board of Commissioners Approval


Selected individuals will be required to complete the following duties prior to becoming combat-ready volunteers:

  • Academy
  • Graduation
  • Station and/or Shift Assignment
  • Division Transition Meeting