New Engines Now Serving the Citizens of Graham Fire & Rescue

March 14th, 2024

Two newly built and freshly branded Spartan fire engines have been added to Graham Fire & Rescue’s fleet, enhancing response capabilities for its first responders and community.

Each engine, priced at approximately $800,000, boasts enhanced safety specifications and features compared to the other engines within Graham Fire & Rescue’s fleet. According to Lead Mechanic, Brian Fortner, the new engines replaced the former Engine 94 and Engine 96, both around 7 years old. The replaced engines will move to reserve status. Reserve engines are maintained and placed into service when a frontline engine undergoes preventative maintenance or repair. Additionally, they can be used for times when the district needs to upstaff for anticipated increased incident volumes such as during the 4th of July or a Red Flag Warning.

The shiny new engines have an eye-catching design with a deep red body and black striping down the side. Notably, the front grills are emblazoned with an American flag, paying tribute to our veterans, and fallen firefighters.

“These engines have state of the art lighting, more compartment space, enclosed pump panels and enhanced scene lighting for firefighter safety,” Fortner said. “The engines also have larger, 750-gallon water tanks due to their placement at stations which cover rural areas of our district, compared to the common 500-gallon tank.” 

Among the exciting new features is a screen located on the front dashboard, known as the Vista Screen. This multifunctional display serves firefighters by providing control over engine cameras, lights, sirens, and internal cab functions, consolidating all essential engine controls into one interface.

Ordering handcrafted emergency apparatus is not a fast process, it takes an average of 440 days from time of order to delivery. Handcrafting our engines is a distinct advantage for our district. It enables us to deliver more efficient emergency services to our community, knowing that our engines are crafted with superior quality control, meticulous attention to detail, and enhanced performance. While this method may require more labor from craftsmen, it provides a unique edge in terms of customization, quality, and performance for our firefighters who value precision and craftsmanship.

Purchasing new emergency apparatus and equipment is only possible due to community support and continued maintenance of district funding such as the Regular Fire Levy, EMS Levy, and Benefit Charge. Graham Fire & Rescue is grateful to the community for their investment in public safety, ultimately allowing the district to maintain high quality service levels for all residents.

With the engines now stationed at their designated stations, the first responders of Graham Fire & Rescue eagerly anticipate harnessing the advanced capabilities that will bolster their emergency response efforts within the community for years to come.

Graham Fire & Rescue is hosting a traditional push in ceremony to celebrate the arrival of the new engines. Community members are invited to join and are encouraged to partake in the ceremonial action of “pushing in” the new engine 94. 

Tuesday. March 19, 2024

2:00 pm to 2:45 pm 

Station 94, 23014 70th Ave E, Graham, WA 98338