Graham Fire & Rescue Appoints New Deputy Chief of Operations

September 26th, 2022
Deputy Chief Mason

Graham Fire & Rescue has appointed Chief Tom Mason as its new Deputy Chief of Operations.

Mason has dedicated his entire career to serving the residents of Graham Fire & Rescue. He began as a volunteer firefighter in 1988, and has ascended through the ranks serving the positions of firefighter, Lieutenant, Battalion Chief, and most recently Assistant Chief of Training. 

Mason spent 15 years on the Pierce County Hazardous Incident Team, and has been a member of the Pierce County Incident Management Team for the past 8 years. In addition, Mason has served on numerous committees and advisory groups including but not limited to the Washington State Fire Chiefs Association – Fire Training, Safety & Officers Section, Bates Technical College Fire Training Advisory Group, and the Region 5 Training and Exercise Committee.

“I really take pride in supporting and developing our members. I have always felt a sense of satisfaction seeing others reach and accomplish their goals” stated Mason. “I believe that member’s success will always lead to organizational success.”

The Deputy Chief of Operations is the second ranking fire and administrative officer behind the Fire Chief and oversees the daily operations of the Fire District.