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Central Pierce Fire & RescueIT Service Agreement3/13/2019
Snohomish County FD 7Purchasing Agreement2/5/2019
Orting Valley Fire & Rescue (District 18)Fleet Maintenance1/1/2019
Orting Valley Fire & Rescue (District 18)Joint Training Agreement1/1/2018
Puget Sound RFABenefit Charge Exploratory Services11/12/2017
Puget Sound RFAPurchasing Agreement11/1/2017
City of Sierra Vista - Sierra Vista Fire & Medical ServicesPurchasing Agreement10/25/2017
East Jefferson Fire & RescuePurchasing Agreement10/25/2017
Orting Valley Fire & Rescue (District 18)Temporary Use of Rolling Stock2/28/2017
Gig Harbor FMOPurchasing Agreement1/4/2017
Gig Harbor FMOTemp use of an Ambulance4/4/2016
Snohomish County Fire (District 17)Purchasing Agreement2/11/2016
East Pierce Fire & RescuePurchasing Agreement1/6/2016
South Kitsap Fire & RescuePurchasing Agreement9/15/2015
City of BuckleyPurchasing Agreement12/8/2014
Orting Valley Fire & Rescue (District 18)EMS Levy Transport Agreement5/3/2011
East Pierce Fire & RescueEMS Levy Transport Agreement4/19/2011
South Pierce Fire & RescueEMS Levy Transport Agreement10/23/2008