Graham Fire & Rescue was founded in 1962 as allowed by Title 52 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and first operated out of the old bus garage at Kapowsin High School. In 1963, a new station was built just north of the railroad tracks on Meridian in Graham over the site of Benson’s Hardware Store. A volunteer station which serves the community of Kapowsin was built in 1971. That Kapowsin station is now known as Station 92.

In 1986, Graham Fire added the station on 187th and Meridian, currently known at Station 91. That station served as the headquarters station for nearly 20 years. Station 93 lies about a mile west of the 304th Street and Meridian intersection. Station 93 was remodeled in the mid 1990’s and currently serves as Graham Fire & Rescue’s primary training ground with a tower, mock rooftop, and other props. 2006 brought about a new headquarters station, which is about a quarter mile south of 224th Street on 70th Ave. Most of our Administrative Chiefs and administrative secretaries are located at Station 94.

In 2010, thanks to the generous citizens of the Graham response area, Graham Fire & Rescue was able to construct two new stations: Station 96 on 224th just west of Orting-Kapowsin Highway, and a rebuild of what was previously a volunteer Station 95 at 78th Ave and 188th Street Ct E.

Today, we offer response services of Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) from Stations 91, 94 (HQ), 95 and 96. From Stations 92 and 93, we respond to Fire and Basic Life Support (BLS) calls of which don’t require the response of a medic unit.