District Map

Graham Fire & Rescue covers roughly 70 square miles and protects a population of over 66,970.

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No Burn Line: All residential outdoor burning is prohibited north and west of this line. Recreational burning is allowed provided there are no burn bans in effect. Visit our Burning page for descriptions of residential vs. recreational burning.
Graham Fire & Rescue
Central Pierce Fire & Rescue: neighbors us to the north and west. If you live within their district, they can be reached at 253-538-6400 or online at www.centralpiercefire.org.
Orting Valley Fire & Rescue: our neighboring district to the east. If you need to reach someone with Orting Valley, their contact number is 360-893-2221 and their website is www.ovfr.org.
South Pierce Fire & Rescue: our neighboring district to the south and southwest. If you need to reach someone with South Pierce, their contact number is 253-847-4333 and their website can be visited at www.spfr.org.