Burn Ban Status

There are three agencies who have the authority to impose burn bans in Graham Fire & Rescue’s district. Individuals wanting to burn should familiarize themselves and comply with each agencies rules and regulations. Always check burn ban status for each of these agencies prior to lighting a fire. Outdoor burning is not allowed if any of these three agencies have an active burn ban in place.

  1. Graham Fire & Rescue: Recreational Burning is allowed. As a reminder, Residential Outdoor Burning (burning yard debris) is not allowed in Graham Fire & Rescue’s district until 8:00 AM October 15.
  2. Pierce County Fire Prevention Bureau: Effective 8:00 AM on June 1, 2024, a burn ban is in effect restricting all land clearing and outdoor burning of yard debris in unincorporated Pierce County.
  3. Puget Sound Clean Air Agency: There are no air quality burn bans currently in effect impacting our District.

Types of Outdoor Burning

  • Residential Burning: Burning seasoned branches, leaves, grass clippings and other natural vegetation originating on the property. Residential burning requires an active burn permit. Learn more about residential burning.
  • Recreational Burning: Cooking fires and campfires using charcoal or seasoned firewood that occur on private property for cooking, pleasure, or ceremonial purposes. Recreational fires do not require a burn permit and are permitted in all areas of the district. Learn more about recreational burning.
  • Land Clearing Burning: Projects and burning that clear or change the land surface equate to land clearing. Land clearing fires are illegal. Only the Puget Sound Clear Agency has the authority to approve land clearing fires. Learn more about land clearing burning.

Where in Graham Fire & Rescue’s District is Residential Burning Allowed?

When a burn ban is OFF and outdoor burning is allowed, residential burning is only allowed in Graham Fire & Rescue’s response area that falls south or east of the “No Burn Line”. You can check if you live south or east of the “No Burn Line” by entering your address into our District Map. All residential outdoor burning is prohibited north and west of this line.

If you live south or east of the “No Burn Line,” you must be issued a Burn Permit prior to burning. Burn permits are issued at no charge by Graham Fire & Rescue.

How do I Apply for a Burn Permit?

Burn permits are issued through the Graham Fire & Rescue Community Connect platform.

  • Please click the “Apply for a Burn Permit” link below
  • This will take you to the Community Connect landing page
    • If you already have a Community Connect account, select “Residents”, and login to your account.
    • If you do not have an account, select “Residents”, and then create an account.
  • Once you are in your account, select the Burn Permits module.
  • Please submit your application through the Burn Permits module.
  • Permits are only valid between 8:00 AM October 15 and 9:00 PM May 15, annually.
  • Please note that applications for burn permits are only reviewed during business hours on Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Burn permit applications received on the weekend or on holidays will be reviewed within the following 1-3 business days.

If you need assistance creating a profile or applying for a burn permit, please call (253) 847-8811.

Or click here to sign in and check the status of your Burn Permit

When is it Okay to Burn?

Individuals residing in Graham Fire & Rescue’s District must adhere to District and County-wide burning rules and regulations. Graham Fire & Rescue will update this webpage with current information regarding burn bans.

District policy states that residential outdoor burning will not be allowed between 9:00 PM May 15 and 8:00 AM October 15, regardless of County-wide burn ban status.

Citizens can sign up on the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency website to receive alerts when an Air Quality Burn Ban is issued or lifted by visiting their Burn Ban Alert page. Additionally, you can visit the Pierce County Fire Marshal’s website or call the Pierce County Burn Ban hotline at (253) 798-7278.

Please review Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s Burn Ban pamphlet to learn more about the health risks of breathing smoke and what is banned during an air quality burn ban.

How do I Submit a Burn Complaint?

As a permitting agency under the authority of the PSCAA, Graham Fire & Rescue has assumed the responsibility of complaint management and enforcement. If you wish to report a burn complaint which is a nuisance or presents an immediate hazard to persons or property, please dial 9-1-1 to report the burning.

As an alternative to calling 9-1-1, customers may contact the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, the regulatory authority for smoke and clean air issues. If you would like to report a burn complaint for illegal burning, excess smoke or clean air issues, please contact Puget Sound Clean Air Agency:

  • Visit the Air Quality Complaint Center
  • Call the air quality complaint line at 1-800-552-3565. Follow the instructions to select your language, then dial ext. 6 and leave a message with the complaint information when prompted.