2017 Resolutions ‡

Res. 872: FF Eligibility List
Res. 873: Election of Board Chair
Res. 874: Declare Surplus Items
Res. 875: Agent to Receive Federal Funds
Res. 876: Agent to Receive Claims
Res. 877 Vacating the Current Firefighter⁄Paramedic Eligibility List
Res. 878: Fire Levy Lid Lift
Res. 879: Appointing Pat Dale as Fire Chief
Res. 880: Promting Oscar Espinosa to Deputy Chief
Res. 881: Promoting Matt Waltrip to Assistant CHief
Res. 882: Promoting Michael Fortier to Battalion Chief
Res. 883: Promoting Ryan Woodey to Captain
Res. 884: Promoting Thad Richardson to Lieutenant
Res. 885: Promoting Jared Bonea to Lieutenant
Res. 886: Holmatro Extrication Equipment Procurement

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